Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First actual posting...sort of

So now that I have created this blog I figure I should have at least one post sitting up here that relates to the subject of the blog itself. In summation, "Lost Odyssey" for the Xbox 360 is the greatest game ever that I've only played for 3 hours (3 pants-wetting hours). A little while back I hooked my 360 into my parents 32 inch HD TV in order to tease myself for a month until I have to revert back to my lovely (and f-in heavy..but that's another story), but alas not HD, TV. The point is that it looks really goddamn nice, isn't this fascinating? Anyhow, in summation, I've barely touched the game but already the system of creating rings to enhance your characters and the skill link system, which allows for your immortals (bad-asses), to learn the spells and abilities of your mortal (sissy) characters, are proving to be perfect additions to what appears to be a tried and true turn-based RPG system. The voice acting is good so far and allows you to have your characters speak in a variety of languages, so if you hate the English voices, switch to Japanese or French or something and it'll sound all pretty and crap, right? One additional improvement on the traditional turn-based combat system is the "Aim-Ring" system which allows you to time attacks and get extra damage, kinda like Mario RPG style. If you haven't played Mario RPG you should probably hop on that or I won't talk to you anymore. Lastly, it's got 4 dual layer DVDs, so it might actually be worth 60 dollars, that's a lotta playing time, hope you don't have a life....god knows I don't!

What a boring post. At least it's got a picture, right?


I totally just made a blog

To people reading this right now....I made a blog! Soon it will be filled with delicious morsels about video games and music (particularly BMWBeatz!). But for now it's empty. And with a post as exciting and enrapturing as this I'd say it's off to a great start!