Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Monday, September 29, 2008

Highlight of the Week (9/20 - 9/27)

So, in an attempt to create some sort of consistent posting on my blog, I decided that I'm going to do a "Highlight of the Week" post each week about one super cool thing that happened whilst I played Halo. Usually these things will be about the game itself unless something amazingly interesting actually occurs while I'm lying on my bed playing... Anyhow, I'm gonna kick it off with a particularly awesome highlight from a FFA Slayer match on Avalanche (9/27)! In this match I got a STUNNING 14 kills in a row (one short of a Running Riot) just sittin' on a turret blasting away at the ground below.

Just gettin' started, 4 kills deep.

That's after 10, awarding me my Killing Frenzy.

If you look closely at the next shot you can see me in the upper right-hand corner of this pic blasting away and causing all that beauuuutiful mayhem. I destroyed at least 6-7 vehicles during my Killing Frenzy. That just rolls of the tongue doesn't it...Killing Frenzy....

Ah, the end of an era...I was forced to remove the turret and after blasting a couple folks I was recklessly shot down by a hooligan.

The next couple of times that I went for the turret were not quite as successful...demonstrated below...

Attempt #2

It's usually not good when one of those lands on you. This encounter ended with my rocket launcher making us both into a large firey mass.

Attempt #3.....

The Spartan Laser gives me a stern "no".

These next 2 are just a rather cool lookin' Sniper Kill that I got. If you follow the trail of the bullet you can see a teeeeeeny little BMWBeatz Master Chief down there.

Off with his head.

Here's the final outcome.

Well, that's the highlights! More special shots next week, and quite possibly before then!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Just Ordered Ridge Racer 6...I Got the 6.99 Shipping Too

It was mad cheap too (10 bucks) and will fulfill my need for an unrealistic racing game...and if it doesn't then I'll throw it at the wall because that's where bad things should be disposed of. Forza = too realistic for me, I can't devote that much time to fake driving...but I didn't throw it at the wall yet. Also, technically Ridge Racer was one of the first games I played a bunch thanks to my cousins' Playstation-console-ownership-situation. So, hopefully it lives up to my extremely high expectations of it (stated above) and I won't have to do the whole wall chucking thing I mentioned.

But for super serial, it was 10 bucks...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Titles to be Excited About

Gears of War 2. Thanks IGN, don't sue me.
I been researching a bit on some new Xbox 360 titles because I haven't been seeing much to be excited about, with the exception of Gears of War 2 (supposed release date is November 9). However, turns out that I'm just outta touch I guess, because there's some definite cool stuffs coming. First, there's a maybe, being Infinite Undiscovery (release date unknown). It's in part made by Square-Enix in combination with tri-Ace, and being a fan of the Square-Enix itself (better in it's days of just being Squaresoft in my opinion), I'm willing to give this one a shot. It looks to be a rather large RPG that features a real time combat system and an intimidating 18 characters to play. From what this gameplay vid shows, the system looks a lot like FFXII, which was decent enough, with a good storyline and nice scenery I'd be satisfied (don't get me started on the retarded FFXII storyline). The hype seems to be wary of the game, though, and it may not turn out to be fantastic. Keep your fingers crossed, daddy needs a new RPG.

The upcoming game that has peeked my interest most of all is Dead Space (release date October 24). Here's a cool gameplay vid that features some freaky aliens, nice lighting effects and a gravity gun-style tool that is reminiscient of Halflife 2. I could definitely go for a good Sci-Fi-Horror title to kill some time. This one looks to be pretty sweet and I'm definitely gettin' it, I'm not even gonna bother looking up reviews.

Then there's the new Silent Hill game, which looks pretty cool, but I dunno what to make of it. I've never played any of the games so I'm not getting too excited, but what I saw on G4 showed some pretty sweet monsters and some gruesome violence, which is always a plus.
Fallout 3
I'd say the number one game that I'm lookin' forward to is Fallout 3 (release date October 30). Having never played Fallout and only diving into Fallout 2 earlier this year (couldn't finish it, shit is mad hard), I still and saying that this is a must buy. Fallout 2 is an old game but it held up to the test of time by keeping me totally engaged having played it years and years after it's release. The new game looks to be pretty mind-blowing, featuring first and third person perspectives, a combination turn-based and real time battle system that allows for what seems to be some pretty specific attack points. The game will also feature various revamps of Fallout 2 features like being able to test objects for radiation (instead of just unknowingly wandering towards your doom) and a new level system with a choice of perk upon each level up. Here's a nice 5 min gameplay vid of the game in action. The wikipedia article on it is also pretty informative, you don't have to listen to me, and I'm not gonna keep writing about it anyway so whatever.
Well, that's all for now.

Another Item off the List!

I totally forgot! I got me a Digital Camera, and now that has been removed from my list of things that I want. Better yet, it was 30 bucks! Hooray for the Byram Township Shoprite, and props to my uncle for spottin' the deal (and letting me use his Shoprite card, knockin' off over 100 bucks from the price).

Here's a good description of the camera and its features for all those who are fascinated by my newest possesion, like me. Now I just need a memory card...

So, in the near future I'll probably be postin' some new and interesting photos. Or not.

New Weekly Posts, Maybe I'll Get All Organized n Stuff

So, I decided that my blog needs a little bit of focus, as my posts are kinda spurratic and random for the most part. Don't worry, I won't be changing up my topics, I know you all love looking at pics from my Halo matches! I haven't entirely decided on the format either, but I think I will be posting twice a week, each week, about highlights from my matches in a more consistant and organized manner. I may fine tune this, maybe posting once about 6 player FFA and once about Team Slayer matches, but for the time being, I'll begin with one highlight from a Team Slayer match that I played on Sept 20 on the map Isolation.

Here's the faceoff, the Red Team approaches the Blue Team across the ravine, tossing grenades at the Shield Regenerator that stands, protecting the Blue Team. That's me on the front left hand side blasting away with a Battle Rifle.

Bye bye generator...

Here's me approaching my target, directly after nailing one of the Blue Team across the way with some finely placed shots from my Battle Rifle.

The Beat Down.

And the aftermath, giving me 2 medals, Assasination and Double Kill.

I know this seems like most of my posts, but as time goes on they'll get more focused and then you'll all be so much more interested in my blog!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Damn, Check Out the New Layout, that Shit is Totally Crazy

Wow, now that's a sleek and savvy new look. I'm gonna be overloaded with hits, I can already feel it.

Cait Sith is happy, you should be too.

I Got Killed by this Dude...It Looked Cool Though

This fella stuck up on me, and then proceeded to kill me, then something cool happened. Check it out.

Here's me entering the room.

There's my stalker, droppin' down from above in the background.

The chase...short as it was...

And he takes me down. Now, notice the difference in the placement of my body from this shot to the next, it kinda...well, it totally shifts positions into that lift...but whatever, that's what made the magic happen...

Going up!

As, rather my dead body arrives at the top of the lift, notice the grenade. That little trail of smoke on the bottom of the screen leads up to it.
Body is propelled by the blast!
Through the air...
And thud. Check out the Chief's neck crackin' on the floor.
Ouch. Sucks to be me.
Man, I should stop losing so I can post something other than me getting killed.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I got Incinerated..but I also nailed this dude with the Spartan Laser

Here's me getting burned to death in a recent match...which I lost. September 16 was not a good day for Halo, apparently.

That's me on the left...

This picture is, in a nutshell, how I felt about the matches I played today.

But it wasn't all bad. I did get these cool shots of me killing this dude with the Spartan Laser.

A Great Dad gets blasted in this one.

And from another angle...

Maybe I'll win one tomorrow....

Slayer on Guardian: So I lost, what's it to you!?

So I might have lost this one, but it was a particularly fun match and I got some good highlight shots from it. Here's a little glimpse at the action.

The mighty blow of the Hammer crashes down upon the poor and unsuspecting richiet888:

Here's a sequence of me landing a grenade next to Downykiller96 just in time for him to can I put this...Boom!

Sticky in-hand...

Downy walks towards his death as he shoots away my shields:

And boom.

The hammer is truly no joke...

Master Chief is so metal.

But in the end, the victory went to Jimbo Browntown and this faceoff was never resolved. I like to think I would have killed him, then 2 other people, and won the match....