Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It's the jeep! All who have any respect for the gods would willingly bow their heads before this magnificent piece of machinery.

Just thought I'd share the love. To all those who have experienced the jeep, only you know its true power, its quiet and dignified beauty and grace. Also, its inability to drive more than 20 mph uphill.

If you were wondering what happens to ice cream after 6 months...




Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Here's the little known Botardasaurus, forever immortalized in the Natural History Museum. It was known for wandering around stating that it was "a dinosawr" and that it could "eats all the other dinoz", as well as other things of that nature. Seriously though, look at its head, is that not a retarded dinosaur?

DC Kitty Pictures, Dos!

Here's Lydia guarding the stairs and then lookin' all sad through the door. "If only I could be outside with them", she thinks to herself. Probably not, more likely she's thinking something along the lines of, "I'm gonna sit here so they can't get in too easily." And lastly, a "Crazy Cat Lady" action figure. Pretty fantastic.


Why can't I grill on the back porch?

I'm gonna go ahead and say that one speaks for itself.

Hirshhorn Museum Pictures...Vol II

Here's a few more from the Hirshhorn.

Nice little Giacometti-esque lady.

Cool sculpture made of all coat hangers. If you look closely you can see some person behind it fucking up my whole goddamn picture. What a dick.

Just a neat lookin' situation there.

Dino Pics and Such...Vol II

Here's some mo'!

Totem Pole. That's about all I have to say about that.

Cool toy trucks in the African section of the museum.

Wooly Mammoth and some guy with a pink shirt...or maybe that's not a guy. You be the judge.

Wooly Mammoth without a guy/lady with a pink shirt.

DC Kitty Pictures

So I try not to go places that don't have at least a couple cats and DC was no exception. We stayed with my buddy and his roommate has 3 adorable kittays, only 2 of which I got good pictures of. So in this post you'll see the lovable Sir Charles of Berleith, a renowned "opera cat" in his meows and the proud owner of two 7-toed paws, then in my new post you'll see Lydia, the squeakball of a kitty that would let out a high pitched "mew" every time you'd touch her. If she wasn't "mewing" she'd be sittin' at the top of the stairs making a low growl, a warning to other kittays, and us I suppose. She's my favorite. The third kitty was named Eva and was a total sweetheart and attention hog, but she just didn't get in good enough light for me to take a good shot. She also has 7-toed paws! I think they're related actually...

Sir Charles of Burleith.

Charlie's leg goin at that ear-itch.

Charles, first shot where you can see his 7 toes!

There's an up-close shot of the 7 toed paws.

Charles lookin at me...he was in the sink before.

Stay tuned for Lydia!

Hirshhorn Museum Pictures...Vol I

Here's a variety of cool sculptures from the Hirshhorn Museum in DC. I didn't write down all the names and who made them or anything like that because that would have been a pain, you know? So you can just make that part up for yourself...or don't because-hey, I'm not gonna check up on you, alright?!

Cool little wooden statue with lots of Harp-like strings on it.

Just a nice statue. Very curvy.

Cool sculpture that looks like it could be used as an torture-implement.

Is that the rabbit from Donny Darko? What a lame fucking joke, god I feel awful.

Dino Pics and Such...Vol I

I went to DC and took some pictures. So here's some dinos and some other stuff from the Natural History Museum. Dinosaurs are cool. Enjoy!

Capitol Building-shitty picture. Whatever, I needed one of something like that, right?

Dinosaur. You tell me what it's called and you win a Starburst.

Phallic rocks. Like the cover of the Little Mermaid but with rocks and not castles or whatever.

Sea Dino. Dunno what he's called either.


More to come!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lolo is Dancing

Oh snap! Check it out, Lolo is totally dancing! Truly a sight to behold, watch the magic unfold before your eyes:

There's a point at the end where you can see her face for a hot minute and you can see deep-seeded hatred of me (her dance-partner) beginning to blossom.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Legendary Completed!

For all of you who have been following my playing of Halo 3 on Legendary you can rest assured that I have completed it and in the process established myself as a great a powerful being. And, to demonstrate this I have included a picture of my girlfriend laughing at me:

Such a great sense of my expense. Ah well, I'm askin' for it with the headset situation, something a significant other should never see.

Killing Frenzy!

That's right, I totally owned these kids online the other day in Halo 3. I was like, oh you want some BMWBeatz? Yeah? You want it? Fine, you can have it, but it's gonna hurt. Below are the awards I got, they're so I'm great.

- Extermination, meaning I killed all 4 of their team members within seconds of each other. That's right I destroyed their entire team by myself. Suckers.
- Overkill, basically the same as above but that's cool, I'm gonna post it anyway. Means I killed 4 in a row, guess they just wanted to award me twice.
- Killing Frenzy, that means that I killed 10 people in a row without dying. I'm the man.

Well that's enough bragging about meaningless things in online video gaming that give me a false sense of satisfaction. False, yes...but it just feels so damn real!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Radio Shack Will Pay

So my friend just posted a comment on an earlier post about how a 100 foot ethernet cable ran me 90 bucks. Included in his comment was this:
...which is infuriating. That's a serious price difference, I'm angry at life now. Seriously, what the fuck? That's criminal!! I guess that's what I get for being overzealous and not doing any research on the product I was about to buy. But for super serial, Radioshack will pay. Chances are that they won't actually pay and I'll just try to forget about this whole thing because even if I still had the receipt, there's no way that I'm gonna get that wire outta my ceiling anytime soon. That shit was a pain to put in and I probably ingested at least a quazi-lethal dose of asbestos. So, in conclusion, if I get asbestos poisoning or cancer or whatever that shit does to you, then Radioshack will pay...with cancer.

(all opinions expressed in this post are for comic purposes only. no real threat to Radioshack is being posed...........don't sue me.)

Check out Muffin and Monty

Muffin (a.k.a. my super fuckin' bad-ass and cool sistah), featured below with a close and personal friend of mine, Montgomery.

That's pretty gosh dern precious.

I am minus a tooth

So I just got a tooth pulled and they actually gave me real painkillers, not ibuprofen like last time (damn you Dr. Mulaty!). Here's what happens when I take painkillers:

Still handsome, though.

I took cool pictures of smoke

Check it out, these are cool pictures of smoke. Look at them, appreciate them, make sweet love to, not like that, gently, they're delicate.

What you can't see is my arm on fire below the smoke.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Game Release Dates

I got bored so I decided to look up some release dates for games that I totally want.

GTA IV - 4/29/2008

That seems informative enough.

Halo on Legendary is Mighty Difficult

I'm on mission 3 now I believe...I was towards the end so I mighta moved onto 4 before dinner but the food coma that I'm in prevents me from recalling. It's hard as balls is my first main point. Secondly, I want more flying! I've yet to be presented with an opportunity to ride in any sort of a flying vehicle nor have I seen a single human tank. However, in the game's defense there has been a great deal of Warthoggin' goodness and some fun with the Brute Choppers and the human ATV things. But that isn't cutting it anymore and I want to fly around and shoot missles. So, you know, pick up the pace Halo. Jesus....

On another note, I've been trying to get a good DVD burning situation going on so if anyone can recommend a good program to compress and burn DVDs please tell me, because that shit's gotta happen. Fo' real.

Logo at the beginning of the post is my Halo logo and directly above is my Master Chief. That felt so nerdy to type that I actually and truly feel worse about myself as a person right now.

Lolo Icon

For all those who can't get enough Lolo yawning it's a Lolo yawning icon! You can use it with anything, your personal icon on your computer, your ichat or aim icon or even your icon on whatever retarded message boards you post loser.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Props to Mah Cuz

Props to my super gangsta cuz for commenting on almost all my posts. You truly are gangsta crazy.

Lolo is Yawning

That's right. Full on yawning-while-lying-down-in-a-box action.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lost Pigeon

My friend just sent me this picture. Guess he saw it somewhere around the you know, if you see a pigeon make sure you call out "Joanna!" and see if that's the one. Or you know, throw a Jolly Rancher at it or something. Makes a resounding smack if you hit it, and does no real harm to the bird.

Here are some random pictures

Here, have some random pictures. This way, you don't necessarily have to read anything on this blog, you can just look at stuff and be somewhat amused...if that.

First, Brendan's Gary Oldman face, maybe I just see that, but it seems like an expression he'd have. You know, all crazy looking, weird little smile?

Next we have Brendan looking suave. Damn that's fucking suave as shit.

Here's some kitties in blankets, first Lolo then Jasper.

That deserves a resounding "awwww" in my opinion. Kitties in blankets? Whaaaat!? That's amazing.

Lastly we have nerdy Brendan wearing glasses. That's mighty nerdy, wouldn't you say? Might wanna say "nerdy constipated Brendan" actually, based on that facial expression. But really the glasses just hurt my eyes to wear. So, glasses + contacts = constipation.

Also, I sniped this dude with no scope on Halo 3 earlier.

Assy Season 2 Has Begun!

The title says it all. Last night the first episode of Assy Mcgee season 2 aired and now every Sunday at 12:30 for...some amount of time...this will continue! It was magnificent, featuring inaudible speech, drinking, mindless violence and farting...there were 8 farts. So tune in everyone...tune in for the revolution...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just 2 nice pictures

Nothing to do with video games, Assy, or music, but c'mon-they're nice pictures, no?

Nice table of with fruits n veggies n such at my cousins' house.

Mah pretty kitteh.