Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Friday, October 31, 2008

Highlight of the Week MIA Until Further Notice

Sorry. None for you.

My only explanation (and I know you need one because you're all sad n stuff) is that I haven't been playin' Halo and therefore have no screenshots to post. This makes my highlights kinda dull.

Maybe I'll figure out something soon.

Stupid COD4 People and Their Dumb Mouths

So, I've been hearing so much meaningless nonsense from other players over the speakers while playing COD4 recently that I've decided to share some of it with you. Firstoff, we've got the fact that I played a number of games with a person whose Xbox Live account name was... (this is for EVERY GAME btw)...drumroll please... "doodoojelly". That's right, doodoojelly. I had to stop playing when I kept seeing "you were killed by doodoojelly" pop up on my screen. An honorable mention that I should give is the discussion I overheard about how you can be Jewish as an ethnicity, but not be Jewish in general, or some such nonsense. It occurred between a few fervent 10 year old idiots. And lastly, I had to hear some jackass go on and on about his "ACOGs", which is a type of scope that you can attach to your various weapons. I quote, "I'm gonna take out all my ACOGs". Now, that quote doesn't sound that bad, but just imagine the little bastard listing all of them after that, "my AK ACOG, my M4 ACOG," etc...whatever, I guess that one's boring but it was seriously annoying, for serial.

Seriously though, doodoojelly? Come on.

Pretty Hilarious

Keetens sent this over to me via email, it's pretty amazing. Let me preface that statement by saying that you're gonna want some sorta interest in gaming to read the article.

Man Goes On Drunken Rampage....In Oblivion...

See kids? Drinking is bad.

...I disagree with that statement fully.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Highlight of the Week (10/13 - 10/20)

I'm gonna have to say that my highlight of the week can be seen in recent posts and therefore I'm not gonna really have an additional post about it. Suffice it to say, I beat Super Mario Bros., the Lost Levels for the first time ever and Donkey Kong Country 2 again (in under 2 hours).
Here's a link...or you can scroll down.
That's super-highlight-status.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Miscellaneous Cat Post

Here's some kitteh pics. Also, a special message/challenge at the end.

Lolo is tired.

Nimbus is tired.

Nimbus is alert, also in ownership of string.



Best paw forward.

Also, I beat Donkey Kong Country 2 in under 2 hours. It was about an hour and 50-55 minutes. Top that. I only died 4 times too.

Mario World Related Post That's Pretty Boring

So, due to a serious lack of more Mario to play (Mario 2 excluded, it's different, gotta get my mojo on for that first...also Mario Kart don't count) I picked up my only other Mario cartridge, Super Mario World. However, as I was about to start a new game I looked and saw this!

No, not just the title screen (you can tell I took that pic because it's ballz), the second game file says...

That's right, 96 STAR! That means that I've beaten the crap outta Mario World already!

See? Totally beat it before. Normally I'd play again, but I remember last time I got the STAR after the 96 levels completed and so like, for realz, I shouldn't be playin' that for a while.

Best post ever.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Creepy Cat Photo and Some Regular Ones Too

Here's a kinda creepy shot of Nimbus (younger kitteh) where somehow the camera didn't capture some of his face...very strange.

See? Weird no-face kitty picture.

And here's just some regular old kitteh photos.

Pear shaped.

Me n my buddy.

Lolo is not amused.

Looks like he's about to wink.

Totally Sweet

Check it out, totally sweet deal: Bioshock 2 and Trailer! Did you click it? Ha! I thought that was funny. Here's the real Trailer. Just a little tease really, but I'm already sold. That artwork pic on the left is pretty tight as well. The game is supposed to be released in September of 2009, so you should just forget about it for a while or it will torture you and ruin your day and stuff like that.
Also, check this out for kicks if you're bored.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

All Marios Accounted For...With the Exception of 2...But I'll do that Later

At long last! I finally beat Mario, the Lost Levels, and then ran wildly to the other end of the house to get my camera, and then took these pictures! Also, it means I'm really cool.

This is the first jump in the last cannot make it from the top, it's impossible. Gotta drop down, then jump across, then dodge 2 swirling fire-bat things...see, that's mad hard. I'm telling you. And that's the first thing you do! The rest is like crazy hard, for serial.

A more difficult quest? What a bunch of jerks.

Victory, at last! That's the face of true happiness. I can sense a slight tinge of sadness and self-loathing too!

Also, the totally lame poll I put up showed that 75% of people thought I'd do it by tomorrow at 3PM. And just one thought that no one would really respond to the poll (seriously, it was about me completing an old video game, I'm surprised I even voted in it). Also, the one person that had that vote was me, and I think I was right.

Oh, and Max Payne was kinda weak as a movie.

Friday, October 17, 2008

World at War Looks Pretty Sweet

Ah, the fall season is always so generous with good games. I looked a bit at Call of Duty: World at War, and it looks tight, here's a little gameplay for ya. While the video is blurry and doesn't exactly showcase the graphics to their fullest, I'm sure they're great, just take a look at that screenshot. Watch closely, at about a minute and thirty seconds into the video you get a look at a nice lookin' double barrelled rifle situation. That won me over, personally. Also, at about three minutes in you can see the graphics a bit better. You can also just take a gander at these screenshots, you can see some pretty sweet lighting effects and some very pretty scenery, if you think of "pretty" in a...violent sense. game is also going to feature vehicles in multiplayer and co-op gameplay modes, two things which I have found lacking in Call of Duty 4. Any reason I can't play split-screen with my friends online? Didn't think so. Here's the Wiki on it if you want additional info.
Anyway, it's goin' on my ever expanding list of stuff that I want.

Weak Yet Informative Screenshots

Here's some screenshots from the Lost Levels, they're taken with a regular digital camera so they're blurry as crap, but they kinda show how hard the game is.

Right after a huge jump, piranha plant, 2 cannons and that pipe blockin' the way, Mario is blurry because he's getting smallified.

My cuz got the game to bug out and you can kinda see him floating through that pipe up there.

Those little things flying around are leaves, representing the wind. Yes, there is wind and it makes your life difficult.

This is just a good example a typical jump in this game. Spring onto the top of that single block tower, then jump over the water because apparently Mario can only swim some of the time. This was merely the middle of the stage, there were plenty more challenges beyond this. If you look closely above the water you can make out the blurry image of Mario falling towards the water...and his death.

Pretty blurry shots, right? That's how I roll.

I'm so Very Lonely

No one has visited me for 10 days! And when I say "visited me" I am referring to people visiting my blog, not me in real life. I've had visitors in real life, it's cool, no worries. Anyway, that makes me a saaaad should come by and visit me, what's been the problem? I've been posting a lot, c'mon, for serial you could totally just log on to make me feel as if someone is reading it. Sure, you may not be interested in Mario or Halo or any of it, but you can at least log on to see if there are any good cat pictures up, you know? I'll totally post more cat related pics and videos now that I can use my camera. Have I gained weight or something, what's the problem? I feel so distant and isolated.

Also, I dislike that picture. It sucks.

Lolo or Nimbus?

It's like a super fun guessing game, which one's which?? Upon second glance, it seems like a pretty easy guessing game...

Why you wake me?

Can't tell what he's thinking...


Still asleep?

...still asleep as well?

This is my good side.

Likes to dance...?

Not happy to be awake right now, you will work for forgiveness.

This may help your standing.

Answer Key:
1. Lolo
2. Nimbus
3. Nimbus
4. Lolo
5. Nimbus
6. Nimbus
7. Nimbus
8. Lolo
9. Lolo

Pretty challenging, eh?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Onto New and Uncharted Mario

Mario 3 went down hard! Bowser was cake, the most challenging part of World 8 was the first castle and level 1, the tanks and boats were easy as pie. Delicious pie. Take that 1980s video game designers...
By the way, that end screen the first picture taken by my digital camera to appear on the blog! It is a great day indeed.

This is kinda how it felt to win.

Next on my hitlist is Super Mario Bros., The Lost Levels. This one was originally released as Mario 2 in Japan and is damn hard. It features warp zones that'll take you backwards in the game rather than allowing you to skip levels and also has evil mushrooms that are unkind to Mario's sensitive stomach. On level 2-2 now, we shall see how this goes...


It is truly a new era of idle-uselessness.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Good Day for Mario

A mere hour and a half after decimating Super Mario Bros. I reached World 8 in Super Mario Bros. 3. Not only that, I've got 44 lives, and a gigantic and powerful inventory of delicious morsels...

x 0

x 1

x 3

x 1

x 2 (useless I know)

x 2

x 1

x 4

x 4

P-Note x 5

Music Box x 2 (also pretty useless)

Yeah I couldn't get graphics for the last two, but whatever, you find them, it seems to be pretty damn impossible.

Also, the treasure ship appeared, it was sweet.

A Truly Great Victory

I beat the original Super Mario Bros!!

Booya. Not a half hour ago I stormed levels 8-1 through 8-3, then, on my first try, I deeestroyed Bowser's final castle and sent him into a pit of's pretty much your only option. It was magnificent. Seriously, that game is mad hard, you should be impressed.

Please, leave your congratulations.

New Gun in CoD4

I picked up Call of Duty 4 again today and unlocked what is now my new favorite weapon, the G3 rifle. It's semi-automatic and quite powerful, perfect middle-ground between a sniper rifle and an automatic assault rifle.

Also, "Headquarters" is totally the game mode to rack up experience.

I'm still waiting on Infinity Ward to put together a comprehensive stat-tracking system. Seems to me if Bungie has such a great online companion to Halo, Infinity Ward should be hoppin' on that train.