Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Deathclaw Fist Fight

Once you're level 28ish, you can totally fuck up whatever enemy you encounter with no problems. I even decided to not use the many many versions of Power Armor I have and just stick with my trusty Ranger Battle Armor.

So, upon entering the Deathclaw Sanctuary, I put away my guns and decided to brawl it out with one of 'em.

The pictures are a bit shoddy considering I was taking them in motion.

But I assure you, I fist fought the sucker and won! Why would I lie about something stupid like that?

It was awesome. I did have assistance from Dogmeat, though. Deathclaws got nothin' on me!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Pitt Round 2 aka Pitt-Slave Killing Spree

I don't even know if it's possible to beat the Pitt without losing some Karma. Luckily, I'm evil this time around. So, while I didn't do the evil deed that I did last time (steal the baby and kill his mama) I did end up killing a lot of slaves.

I suppose it was unnecessary because they were unarmed and running away. But c'mon, look at them, they were asking for it. They couldn't even put on a decent outfit for my arrival?

Plus, the Infiltrator is just fun to use. Something about an awesome scope and a silencer just makes for great killin' times.

I killed this dude too (above), Wernher is a dick. He deserved to die. My one regret last time I played the Pitt was not killing him because, man, what a jerk.

I probably killed that lady too.

That's Wernher right there. Minus his head of course...and that's his blood all over that wall.

I lost a shit ton of Karma that time around. Now I'm rated something like "Stuff of Nightmares" or something like that. Fantastic.

Gunstar Heroes Is Still the Best Game Evar

Best game ever. I usually don't bother getting all the achievements but there were only 12 and so I did...

He totally watched everything, too.

I even beat the final great soldier.

Actually Smash Daisaku beat him. (pictured above)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Misc. Fallout Post

Clover ate it not long after I last posted...I decided she wasn't worth reloading for. However, on the plus side, I did get Dogmeat! By far my favorite ally, Dogmeat (he's a dog) doesn't go running off and get himself killed nearly as readily as most other allies I've had.

I soon after got Charon,

...a Ghoul acquaintance of mine, but he too died.
Here's a shot of me and Dogmeat mourning. Sorry buddy, but you shoulda stayed closer to me.

I discovered a new weapon as well, the Tri-Beam Laser Rifle, which is pretty badass. It has a DAM rating of about 71 and it's not quite fully repaired. It's pretty pimptacular. And I'm sure I've said this before but it always amazes me that there's constantly new stuff to discover in Fallout. I'm about 40 hours into my current file and I've been roaming through buildings I hadn't even touched in previous files. It's fun to find bizarre little tidbits like this...

That garden gnome sure is angry, but he's holding his sign upside down.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Ally and Tom Selleck's Ultimate Edge

I got my first female ally in Fallout and she's all nutso. I got her by buying her off of a slaver at paradise falls (who I promptly killed afterwards) for 1000 caps. I think she was worth it, she uses a sawed-off shotgun and calls me "lover", just like women in real life.

She also provides a great deal of sexual innuendo in her dialogue which is always fun.

Wonderful, thanks Clover.

On a funnier note, I was flippin' channels the other night when I happened upon this...

I thought to myself, "Tom Selleck is doing motivational speaking on a late night infomercial?" But, when I flipped to the channel it was actually Tony Robbins. This made me wonder about the listing, and upon further research it turns out that Tony Robbins has teamed up with Tom Selleck to provide us all with advice in order to "transform the quality of [our lives]".