Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Alright, Infinite Undiscovery Gets Like a B or Something

So by the end the game picked up some steam, the last 10 hours were pretty tight. Just cooler environments, your protagonist finally grew a pair, and there was plenty of innuendo-induced dialogue to keep me happy. Here are some pictures so that we can share the experience together.

Aya, in-game companion looking towards the protagonist in a very starry-eyed manner.

Here's the final boss.

Here he is exploding!

I ate this before the last boss: turkey, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard and a balsamic vinegrette that I concocted.

Lunar palace, one of the cooler environments.

Same as above, different view.

Last Remnant is next...maybe after I finish GTA though.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Infinite Undiscovery is Fun, Not Amazing

That on the left is a picture of the chains that bind the moon to the earth that you are supposed to destroy in Infinite Undiscovery. I do not know why you have to destroy them except that they make bad things happen. I also don't really know who put them there or why, and I've played the game for 15 hours. With that said, my main problems with Infinite Undiscovery lie in relatively dull storyline, the lack of a comprehensive enemy that I could find except a very vague evil "Order" of some sort, and some personal issues I have with real-time-combat based RPGs. Also, the voice-acting is so comically bad it actually makes it enjoyable in a strange way. But hell, as I mentioned above, I've played 15 hours in 2 days so it can't be that bad...or I'm just really bored.

The sissy up front with the armor is your dude. Yes, the armor is cool, but it takes 10 hours of running around in another different and ridiculous outfit to get it. Also, notice the little kids because I find them disturbing to look at for some reason.

Seriously though, what's up with Square Enix and completely weak, pussytastic main characters? It pisses me off to watch the guy I just used to totally whup a whole bunch of demons and crap with a huge sword pussyfoot around making any decisions while complaining about how it's too much responsibility. Anyway, the combat is better than FF XII where you could just program in your actions and let your party fend for itself, I didn't touch the controller for the entire boss battle on that one. Which is boring.

That's what the fighting is like, target your guy and then you hit buttons for combos of different attacks or special attacks. You can also link your guy with another character and employ their help which is kinda cool. However, it comes out looking a lot more chaotic than that during most of your gameplay.

However, all those things aside, it actually comes out to a relatively enjoyable game in that the dialogue has funny little sexual asides and stupid jokes, the battles are mostly pretty fun and you can do some cool stuff like make your own items and armor. So I'd give it a C+ or something because it's fun while not being an amazing game overall.

Thanks for pictures IGN...don't sue.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from BMWBeatz!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas! My library of gameness just got sufficiently boosted, so I should have a few to report on soon enough.
Here's some pics that you can look at while sipping eggnog and roasting chestnuts and all that jazz.

Presents! They're all open now....

Our Christmas tree in all it's lit-up glory.

Lolo inspects some turkey.

Sandwich! Pastrami(as promised), turkey, grape tomatoes, lettuce, mustard, melted swiss and mom's delish dressing.

Another sandwich! Same as above minus the dressing.

Lolo's own personal jungle aka my mom's plant. The benefit of this jungle is that it is entirely edible.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Delicious Sandwiches and Some Cat Stuff

Here's some more pictures of sandwiches and a couple of Lolo thrown into the mix. Unfortunately, the sandwiches are essentially the same as the last bunch I posted but hey, who knows, maybe there will be some pastrami next time around.

Ham, salami, lettuce, tomato, red onion, mustard and melted Jarlsberg cheese.

Same as above, not yet cut in half.

Different sandwich, mostly same ingredients, minus the red onion. It was still mighty tasty.

Lolo disapproves of the camera-flash.

Open faced sandwiches with dried Italian salami, melted Jarlsberg and tomato.

That's Lolo's turf. She lies down on it to make sure that no one else can claim it as their turf.

Also, I beat Lost Odyssey which was all-in-all an awesome game. It was what Final Fantasy XII should have been, a long, expansive and TURN-BASED RPG. Motherfuckers at Square need to eat crap with their stupid real-time/turn-based crap. Bah. I beat Gears of War 2 as well and that game was mighty awesome as well as mighty depressing. Online play for it has been prettty fun so far. I'm in the process of whuppin' GTA IV which is a tight piece of gaming.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Delicious Sandwiches

I made some delicious sandwiches recently. Also, Lolo ate Thanksgiving tuna. Here, take a look.

They aren't necessarily my best sandwiches by any means, but they were pretty tasty.

Ham, Salami, melted Jarlsberg cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard.

Breakfast sammy: Ham, egg, melted cheddar cheese and tomato.

Same as above, not yet cut.

Almost the same as the first sammich: Ham, melted Jarlsberg, lettuce, tomato and mustard, but with delicious fresh pickles on the side.

Yeah, I eat sandwiches in my bed.

Lolo enjoys her Thanksgiving Tuna.

There will be more sandwiches in my future, I'm sure of it.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tank-Related Halo Shots

So I was on Halo today and this happened...prepare for excitement.

Had me a killin' spree, highlighted in this Double Kill executed by myself with the assistance of my friend with Scorpion (pictured below):

Two of 'em in that Warthog.

Another angle...

Double Kill!

Eventually they bogged me down, but it took 5 of 'em.

The end of my affair.

Next up was a pretty sweet Double Kill that I performed on a couple gents going for a spin in a Wraith:

They took a wrong turn somewhere...

Chief beats his way into that Wraith to achieve a Double Kill with 2 Beatdowns, sweeeeet.

The aftermath.

Ah, Halo is still just as fun as ever.

True Comedy

Here it is, the most comprehensive definition of the word "funny":

Fat? You have parasites!

This was an ad on my gmail...must be legit. Parasites make you fat, let it be known.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Fallout 3 Level Cap = Stupid

So, I was playing Fallout earlier and I reached level 20, assigned my various skill points, chose a perk, etc. I then proceeded to pick a lock in the dungeon I was in, and it gave me no experience points when it usually would have. To make sure something wasn't goin' wrong I got in a firefight and mowed down a few Super Mutants only to see that they didn't give me XP either. So, I'm all like what the fuck man, can level 20 really be the highest? Turns out it is, and that's totally weak man. While the game continues to be fun, it definitely loses a certain appeal. Whenever I'm in a fight now I'm thinking, hm, this is just a waste of ammo and I have more of an urge to run away than continue. So, in the words of the late Pierre Bourdieu, the level cap should be way more than 20 because that shit is weak man.

Monday, November 24, 2008

World of Miss Dynamite

So, a buddy of mine put together this video by having way too much free time and a World of Warcraft account. While I've made a solemn vow to myself to never own the game, as I feel it would be detrimental to my general well-being, the video is pretty funny stuff. So, here it is in all of its uber-nerdy glory:

World of Miss Dynamite

The Trifecta

Here, check out all the delicious (yeah, it's a noun too) that I got! I have basically everything I need to be a total recluse and I am very much ready to be just that. Take a look at this picture and you will witness the trifecta of greatness and various other strong adjectives that I don't have time to be writing down.

Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, Dead Space. Mmm....

Booya. All I need is right there. Friends are overrated.

Fallout 3 is Totally the Bomb...Diggity

Fallout 3 is truly as awesome as I had hoped it would be. First off, I have to ask if there has ever been a game where the player begins looking up at his father and various medical personnel after having been birthed?

Blastin' an enemy to pieces. I'd tell you what kinda enemy that is, er, was...but, can see why I can't.

The game features an amazing post-apocalyptic Washington DC (referred to as the Capital Wasteland) that is truly giant and filled with such a variety of quests and interesting tasks to complete that the game seems to have no real end in sight upon first glance...and perhaps even second, third, forth......
My first endeavors took me around 30 hours and after completing them I realized I had barely even touched the main storyline. Another thing is, each one was truly engrossing, even if it meant wandering across the wasteland for 5 minutes to reach each destination.

Typical wasteland sight, you could probably rent out that train-car for 600 a month in the city.

The combat system is an excellent mix of good old-fashioned FPS style combat with an interesting system in which the player can select different parts of the enemy to attack while time is essentially frozen. The system is called VATS and allows for the player to cripple the different parts of their enemy (head, arms, legs, etc.). Basically, time freezes, you zoom in on the enemy and it displays the percentage of hitting each particular body part. You then choose which sections you wish to attack and depending on how many Action Points you have, you proceed to attack however many times. Make sense? It's totally sweet, allowing for the player to utilize their FPS aiming skills like in any other comparable title while storing up Action Points for those all too important death-dealin' blows. The look and feel of the VATS system is similar to Fallout 2, making it nostalgic for those players who fell in love with that game years ago. Oh yeah, also, when you kill an enemy in VATS mode it has a totally sweet slow-mo sequence of you blasting them into little tiny pieces (pictured above). It truly never gets old. The game has all sorts of depth beyond the combat, featuring lock-picking, computer hacking, a vast array of speech decisions that affect the outcome of your various quests and just general interactions with people and a grandiose amount of items to play around with including foods, drinks, drugs, weapons, armor and the occasional fun extra like a bobblehead doll that enhances your abilities.
My description barely scratches the surface of what the game has to offer, so if you have a PC, an Xbox or a PS3 (even though the Xbox and PC versions are designed better, ha!), I highly recommend grabbin' yourself a copy. Assuming, that is, you have nothing to do for the next month or so.

VATS system in action on a particularly large enemy. This guy was a cupcake in the game actually. Hear that Super Mutant Behemoth? You taste delicious with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

Anyway, I could go on and on about how incredible the game is and how everyone should get it and play it and make sweet love to it down by the fire, but I think I'd rather just keep playing it.
I'm sure you know how to surf the interwebs anyway, go find out your own info.

Also, your dad in the game is totally Liam Neeson, ha!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mo' Kitteh Love

Here's some mo' kittehs for ya to look at.

2 random kitties out back lookin' very eeeeevil. Nice tail, ha!

Nimbus has a length of string. His can see it in his eyes.

I sleeps on the shoes.

Something appetizing around?

That's my Nimbus neclace. It was pretty comfortable for a while.

Fritz, lookin' at me with his usual wide-eyed stare.

Nimbus bein' cute.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Highlight of the Week MIA Until Further Notice

Sorry. None for you.

My only explanation (and I know you need one because you're all sad n stuff) is that I haven't been playin' Halo and therefore have no screenshots to post. This makes my highlights kinda dull.

Maybe I'll figure out something soon.

Stupid COD4 People and Their Dumb Mouths

So, I've been hearing so much meaningless nonsense from other players over the speakers while playing COD4 recently that I've decided to share some of it with you. Firstoff, we've got the fact that I played a number of games with a person whose Xbox Live account name was... (this is for EVERY GAME btw)...drumroll please... "doodoojelly". That's right, doodoojelly. I had to stop playing when I kept seeing "you were killed by doodoojelly" pop up on my screen. An honorable mention that I should give is the discussion I overheard about how you can be Jewish as an ethnicity, but not be Jewish in general, or some such nonsense. It occurred between a few fervent 10 year old idiots. And lastly, I had to hear some jackass go on and on about his "ACOGs", which is a type of scope that you can attach to your various weapons. I quote, "I'm gonna take out all my ACOGs". Now, that quote doesn't sound that bad, but just imagine the little bastard listing all of them after that, "my AK ACOG, my M4 ACOG," etc...whatever, I guess that one's boring but it was seriously annoying, for serial.

Seriously though, doodoojelly? Come on.

Pretty Hilarious

Keetens sent this over to me via email, it's pretty amazing. Let me preface that statement by saying that you're gonna want some sorta interest in gaming to read the article.

Man Goes On Drunken Rampage....In Oblivion...

See kids? Drinking is bad.

...I disagree with that statement fully.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Highlight of the Week (10/13 - 10/20)

I'm gonna have to say that my highlight of the week can be seen in recent posts and therefore I'm not gonna really have an additional post about it. Suffice it to say, I beat Super Mario Bros., the Lost Levels for the first time ever and Donkey Kong Country 2 again (in under 2 hours).
Here's a link...or you can scroll down.
That's super-highlight-status.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Miscellaneous Cat Post

Here's some kitteh pics. Also, a special message/challenge at the end.

Lolo is tired.

Nimbus is tired.

Nimbus is alert, also in ownership of string.



Best paw forward.

Also, I beat Donkey Kong Country 2 in under 2 hours. It was about an hour and 50-55 minutes. Top that. I only died 4 times too.