Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Friday, May 30, 2008

Assy Has Been Neglected in My Life and I Want to Make it up to Him

So, I've totally been neglecting Assy and I realize that's a serious problem. A friend of mine from High School happens to work for Cartoon Network and totally hooked me up with that awesome Assy piggy bank to the left know, enjoy that picture...I'll enjoy the bank itself.......Look at the way the light reflects gently off of his cheeks. And lastly, here's the link to the newest (and probably the most needlessly violent and generally mean) episode on!

New Assy Mcgee!! Watch it now...

Also, just for kicks, here's a link to a clip from an older episode featuring an asian massage parlor, Assy, Sanchez, and a variety of young children.

It's a Spa, Sanchez.

Wonderful. Assy never fails to impress me.

Lolo's Tale of Paw Tucking and Napping...With a Surprise Twist Ending!

Here's a little story about Lolo the kittay.

First Lolo is sittin, just hangin' her paw off the couch real smooth-like. Not a care in the world.

Then she notices something! What is it? Perhaps...a bird? A ghost? Maybe...nothing? Yes, it is nothing.

That was exhausting. "I'll take a nap", she thinks. Mmm...dreams of sweet tunas.

Later, fully rested, she awakes, paw tucked under herself. Slightly groggy, but mostly rested....

Oh no! Maybe she's not fully rested! Sorry Lolo! The roar can be heard for miles around...

The destruction caused by the mighty roar is massive, destroying entire towns, forests, and, as shown below, blowing the water clear out of many lakes.

Sometimes, I think that Lolo should control her temper. But who am I to judge a kitty that can roar with such gusto?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Need Someone with a PC and/or More Technical Expertise to Help Me

This would be my first post actually requesting something of my...I'm gonna say, 6-7 readers? Yeah, something like that.

So I got this keygen for a music program I use called Ableton Live (specifically for version 7.03) and it only works on PCs, as it is a .exe file. My old version gave me the inevitable "copyright protection violation" message and shut down just as I was about to add the finishing touches to my newest track (as of yet untitled). This was verrrrry frustrating to me as I have not made a new song in a while and this one was feeling all sorts of fuzzy and special to me. So, if anyone has an operational PC and a few minutes let me know so I can send over this file and have you help me out! It's super easy, should just require you to open it up, send me a number, then have me send you a number which you type in, and then send me whatever number it generates from mine. Make any sense? I promise it's me, I'm all super sad and stuff.

Easier still would be if someone has an operational version of Live 7 for mac and could send it to me or just tell me how they got it working. Oh! And if anyone's got a account and wants to invite me, that'd help too!

To conclude I'd like to pose a question: Why is it so hard to get expensive things for free?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pictures of Cats

Have some. Featured here first, Lolo the kitty, followed by Jasper Thomas and then by Sean (sorry Sean I don't remember if you have a last name or title or anything).

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Popeye Brand Spinach

In my last post I mentioned that I needed a way to get better at Halo, and I think I found it...that's right, "Popeye" brand spinach. One can o' this and I'll be ready to seriously kill people in online gaming. I'll make you proud Popeye.

I Feel Great Pride Over My Stick/Double Kill/Victory

Here's a sequence of me sticking this guy and then totally getting a double kill to finish off this game I played today.

Here's the throw...

Here's the recipient of the stick being a gentleman and kindly carrying it towards his teammate.

And here's another teammate watching two of his buddies explode and then feeling the inevitable sting of loss.

And here's me. You can't see it but there's a huuuuge grin underneath that helmet.

See, that was cool. But I gotta say, I kinda suck at Halo now. I don't think I've devoted enough time to sitting on my ass playing for countless hours. If anyone has input on how I can better do this please, feel free to inform me.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Flamboyant Chief

You swing those hips Master Chief. Tell the world that you're feelin fabulous.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Final Post About that Game...

So here's the last one I'm gonna put blowing up this guy riding an ATV or whatever. Part of my killing spree!

Notice him on the ATV driving past...then notice the rocket launcher that I'm about to snatch up...

And then...

More Shots of Recent Game

Here's a couple in succession of me sticking this poor fella' on top of the structure...whatever it is.

Lining up the shot...

And boom.

First of Many Shots from a Recent Game

I reviewed one of my matches that I just finished playing because I stuck lotsa people. So here's the first couple of shots of me stickin people...and them going boom.

Sorry Sgt. Pop

And then...

I didn't Finish Lost Odyssey so I Made Tiny Sandwiches and Large Martinis

I just didn't have time! Actually, that's not true I just didn't play it much. The game has progressed to a point that occurs in many great RPGs, the "where the fuck do you go now" point. Yes, they give you a boat and some vague instructions and basically push you off without even a word of encouragement. I find it very rude.

As a consolation for my game-related troubles, I made myself a series of tiny PB and J sandwiches and Martinis with pickle juice (Pickletinis, if you will). Just delicious.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Beat Half-Life 2! (aka Boring Post)

So it's not very exciting but I beat Half-life 2 and I've moved onto Half-Life 2: Episode 1. This qualifies as the most boring post of all time. There's even a boring picture to go along with it.

Seriously, why'd I even bother posting this at all?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Halo Wars Trailers

Here's the official trailer for the upcoming Xbox 360 RTS game "Halo Wars": Halo Wars Official Trailer (youtube)

Here's a gameplay trailer that features a couple battles and ends with a bang, literally: Gameplay Trailer (youtube)

And finally, here's the official site of Halo Wars, in case anyone wants to check it out on their own time:


For the Reunion!

Here's a link to a song from the Final Fantasy VII movie, Advent Children. Song's called "For the Reunion" I believe and it's totally tight! Wanted to sample it, but it just wasn't workin, it's good enough on its own...enjoy!

For The Reunion - FFVII Advent Children

Hope you like it as much as I do.

Dramatic Lemur Link

Ahhhh hahahahaha.....this link is so awesome.

Dramatic Lemur

Jasper is Wearing a Bonnet

I've been writing a lot of video game related posts recently, so I figured I'd throw in some kitty-in-a-bonnet pic just to spice things up a little bit.

Aren't you a pretty little fellow, Jasper....

Bonnet-tastic: Adjective, an act of intolerable cuteness executed with the assistance of a bonnet...and usually a kitty.

I Get to Finish Lost Odyssey!

Hooray for me! I'm back at my parent's house for the week so I can make delicious use of the High Definition wonderfulness that is their TV.
It's been a long 2 months...or something...since I've played Lost Odyssey after having been denied continued play just after reaching the final disk. But, be warned game, you will be defeated soon, and then I'll write about the crappy ending you will no doubt deliver to me.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Classic: The Double Beat Down

Something that seems to occur quite a bit in-game. I just thought I'd grab a nice shot of it. We approached each other, each swung our weapons at the same time and...well, the rest is history.

My Character Looking Cool Riding a Ghost

The post-title says it all. Don't I look like a badass that will totally shoot you to death?

I Stuck this Guy and He Exploded

The stick:

Right on your leg sucka!

After the stick (aka the part where he goes BOOM)

Take that.

Fun With Pictures

So, after discovering that I could review videos of my latest games and take screenshots from whatever angle I want, I started doing just that...a lot. So while these may not be the most impressive shots, just know that there will be more, better shots to come!

Pictured here is my character exploding. Ouch....

Newest Assy Available Online

The newest episode of Assy, "Pegfinger", is on ready to be watched!
This link leads to their main page, the link to Assy is just a little bit down-screen.

First Halo Screenshot!

Here's me getting a totally sweet Double Kill on these 2 guys by chucking a grenade and then blasting them with a SMG. Booya.

Hey, Look at This Weird Thing

Check this thing out, what is it? Came in a package entitled "Rattlesnake Eggs" cryptic.'s like MacGuyver messed up making a miniature bow or something...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Also, look at my Halo guy and icon

Yeah, look at them. Seriously.

My logo. It represents inner pain and conflict with a slim chance of resolution via spiritual enlightenment. Or a pill.

He's green and brown. Check it out.

Newest Halo Awards!

Here's my newest awards on Halo 3! Also, a terrrible (just awful) picture of me giving a thumbs up! How exciting is that!?

Wheelman: means that I was driving a vehicle while my passenger killed, basically that should be an achievement for him but I guess it means I was a good driver. Whatever man, that one's fucking lame.

Bulltrue: this guy means I killed someone while they were lunging at me with the sword. That means I'm super fast and amazing.

Hijacker: this one means I knocked someone outta their vehicle because they were too weak and slow to avoid my power and swiftness.

Steaktacular: maybe Bungie knows I like steak or something....this one I don't understand. On it's described as "Luke owes you a steak dinner" and apparently I've had 10 of these. know, if anyone's got any insight into what the funk this one's all about, please, tell me, because god knows I'm not gonna take time out of my supremely busy schedule to look it up...what do you take me for?