Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Newest Assy!

So, the latest episode of Assy is available online for viewing. I know I'm a few days late in posting this but the episode wasn't that great so wha'eva, I do wha' ah want! Anyhow, it's still got Assy and some funny parts, so enjoy!

Newest Assy! View here, it's not that great of an episode though.......

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just When You Thought it was Safe to Let Your Kids Out Again....

BAM! Lolo's back with some full frontal action! And you thought you knew where all the white was....

Jasper Hid (Asleep) on Top of Some Cabinets

Jasper apparently had a bit too much action for one evening and decided that it was best to steer away from the guests for his nap. Choosing an adequate location for said nap was more difficult though...however, after a long and arduous thought process, he decided upon the top of some cabinets, a fine decision indeed.

As with most kitties, Jasper's got a pretty rough life (pictured below).

Subway Waterfalls and Roach Rain

So I was heading home during some crazy rain yesterday and I walked into the station on 34th street to see...

Which was pretty crazy in my opinion. Water was just crashing down from street level onto this train, which was just sitting there waiting it out. What I thought was more hilarious than that was that the doors eventually opened while the water continued to pour down in an unrelenting torrent.

People seemed very unaffected by this other than the small crowd (myself included) who were taking pictures and videos. Hmm...videos, you say?

This segues into the next part of my story which happened after I stepped onto the train, one car down from the waterfall. I stood and peeked out at the continuing waterfall and noticed that the doors were lookin' to close, at which point I stepped into the car. I stood for about 2 seconds before feeling a little something on my shoulder, at which point I reached in that direction to find a dear little friend of mine, Mr. Giant Motherfucking Roach, taking a little stroll around Brendan's-Neck-Lane. In an unprecedented event I did not freak out and grabbed the little sucker, threw him to the ground and then....well...if you notice that little brownish area on the picture below, that'd be him.

Sorry for the blurriness but people look at you kinda funny when you're getting real up-close and personal with a dead roach on a train.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Formal Apology to Shaun

This is my formal apology to Shaunessey "Biscuit" Bibbs. I have been ignorant and crass and I do not want this to come between us. Your motor-boat-purring has been a constant inspiration in my life and my misspelling of your name was a grosse misrepresentation of your character. Please, find it in your heart to forgive me, for I truly am sorry.

Also, if you forgive me I won't tell Keetens that you were drinkin' from the toilet.

Halopedia and Tie-Fighter Stage

So I was looking up places where I could find general Halo news and things of that nature when I stumbled upon this: Halopedia! Which is, as the name suggests, is the Wikipedia of the Halo universe! So, for any sort of Halo informational needs, this seems to be a pretty decent place to go. In my time playing Halo I received a ton of one kind of medal entitled "Steaktacular" and I could not, for the life of me, figure out what the hell it was. The medal doesn't show up in the actual game stats, only on and the description is "Luke owes you a steak dinner". I looked it up on Halopedia, and this is what I found...Steaktacular.

I thought that was pretty hilarious, but maybe that's just my uber-nerdiness showing its ugly face...what am I saying!? Showing its BEAUTIFUL face! Ha!

On another note, here's something cool that ends up not being so cool. That picture up above is a level that someone designed to look like a Tie-Fighter which I think is pretty sick. My only quarrel with this is that unless you have a network of online Halo friends (which I don't because I prefer real people) you can't really play these stages. Bungie doesn't set up playlists for special-player-designed stages like this and you don't have the option of hosting a game yourself like you would on say, Starcraft or Warcraft. So, while that is an awesome lookin' stage, I probably won't even bother downloading it, seeing as I won't be able to play it unless I organize a little dumb-shit online Halo pow-wow. Perhaps that's too harsh...nah, I don't think so.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Newest Assy Online!

Here's the link to the newest episode of Assy McGee, which features a very nude Assy. It's surprising how much the lack of his tall socks and gun holster changes his appearance. Another level of depth is added to Assy each episode.

Newest Assy! (6/8/08)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sean Wanted Some Bacon this One Time...Then Jasper Did Too

Here, check it out, Sean totally wanted bacon this one time.

Looks like Jasper wanted a piece of that action also...

I don't have a third picture, sorry. But suffice it to say, I ate the bacon.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Just Some Nice Pics from My Folks' Window

Here's a collection of nice pictures taken from my parents' balcony. Most are just the view, a couple are the construction that embodies the loss of that view.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Here's Some Pics of my Friend's Kitties and His Puppy

First up we have Carlos who is very much a kitten and likes to demonstrate it know, kitten things...playing and stuff...but here he's just sitting. Kittens do that also.

Carlos yaaawnin.

Here's Josie, who's a little football of a kitty.

And finally, Pudding the puppy!

That was fun, wasn't it? I promise I won't post anymore animal pictures for at least a day or so......