Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New BMWBeatz Available for Download on!

Look what Lolo spotted: three more BMWBeatz available for download! Dead Souls, Nereus, and World of Ruin are now available on Also available from a previous posting are Poseidon and Echelon. Download and enjoy!

Remember, all feedback is appreciated!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bonnet Massacre Part 2

After the Bonnet Massacre at Tenpenny Tower I went to inform Roy Philips that I'd taken care of the issue and his Ghoul buddies were free to move in. And so they did...

For a time there was peace.

Ghoul and human, living side by side! But that couldn't last...besides, I had a pretty new green dress and it was just screaming to be covered in blood.

And so, part 2 of the Massacre began. Human and ghoul dying side by side.

Roy Philips wasn't a good person anyway. It was never meant to be. In my book they're all worthless, bickering over property rights when the rest of the Wastes are teeming in a-morality and bloodshed. Now they're all dead! Ha!
I believe my status is now "Villain of the Wastes", papa would be proud.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Great Bonnet Massacre at Tenpenny Tower

I was in Tenpenny tower talking to some of the residents when something snapped in me. They're just so damn self-righteous and I felt I had to teach them a lesson. It started simple...a bit of theft, starting with this really nice bonnet! Then a bit of pickpocketing...but then I thought, "what the hell, I'll just put a mine in this guy's pocket while he's sleeping,"

...and from there it only got worse...or better, depending on how you look at it.

Sorry Herbert, but you had it coming. The next step was to get a little sauced, so I starting drinking some of the Whiskey I had stolen from the barkeep. I guess my character went a bit crazy after that...

I picked off a few unknowing-sleeping residents.

Then I found this couple sound asleep and she had such a nice negligee, I just had to have it!

So that took care of that, then I tried it on and it fit perfectly!!

This was starting to get rather interesting, so I decided to take on some more residents while I pondered what to do to Tenpenny himself.

Now, while the negligee was quite nice, I found this one resident wearing a great dress, and that really sealed the deal. It was truly becoming the Great Bonnet Massacre of Tenpenny tower.

People were running in fear, security was attempting to foil my efforts with little effect, and I was enjoying my new outfit and taste for blood.

But I felt they deserved it. They're basically racists who won't let Ghouls live with them. Sure I could have used my 85 Speech points to reason with them...but that time had past.

After the Tower's security and residents were taken care of I decided to pay Tenpenny a little visit, and after gingerly placing a mine in his pocket...

He was toast, and I stole his suit. Surprisingly, that action actually made me gain Karma. So, I did one good deed in my time at Tenpenny tower. Now, I've considered letting the Ghouls know about this and perhaps have them move into the Tower, but I might just have to take them out too. That tower could be allllll mine....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Eeeevil! Also, There's a Raider Stuck in the Ceiling...

So, I finally caved and decided to play Fallout 3 over as an evil character and found that it's fun all the same, but I just can't dedicate myself to being truly evil. I mean, my rating's still well into the "Very Evil" range but that's mostly due to theft...and the occasional murder. It definitely changes some things though, like I killed the crap outta those vampire fucks in the train tunnel, "The Family". But only after convincing them to let the kid they recruited go. So, basically I made peace between them and Arefu...then went back into the tunnels and rocked their shit with a missile launcher. That was truly satisfying. Those guys are messed up, I don't care what the Karma-meter says!

But I couldn't bring myself to kill the little kid whose parents were murdered by fire ants, Billy Wilks. On the other hand I did tell him they were "ant-food" and he called me an asshole...but I still saved him and got him a home in Rivet City! ...all while I was stealing heavily from just about everyone on that ship. I also popped some caps into Dukov. I felt that since I'm playing as a woman character, even if I'm evil, it's my obligation to stop pimping in the Wastes. So far, I've been pretty evil I guess, but just not as evil as I could be.

I've also found that I didn't even do some of the quests! I never met 3-Dog (owuuuuu) and went into the Washington Monument which is funny because I definitely went to GNR Plaza, guess I just never ventured inside. I gain the occasional Karma from doing quests like that and saving that chick from Dukov. So, even if I'm an asshole, Billy, I've still done some good deeds in my life! ...At least I didn't blow up Megaton.

Maybe once I go back to the Pitt I'll really go the distance, in the meantime, I'll stick to theft to keep me in the "Very Evil" range. Hell, I figure I'll just get the perk that makes you really good at the end if I want to be good again, right?

On another note, there's a raider stuck in the ceiling..and he's kinda deformed. Seriously, check it out...

How bizarre.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Broken Steel Defeated! ...and RIP Star Paladin Cross

I just got through beating the final add-on in Fallout 3, Broken Steel, with the exception of a couple small equipment gathering quests which seem to just be for kicks. This final add-on was all-out war, pitting you against the remnants of the Enclave and alongside the Brotherhood of Steel. It featured some awesome new weapons including a new bad-ass flamethrower and a sweet Tesla-missile launcher thing which would electrocute the shit outta people. It also had some of the most hardcore enemies I've ever seen, and oddly enough they were Feral Ghouls, an enemy I had long stopped even being the slightest bit challenged by.

It was in an intense fight with these new Feral Ghoul Reavers that I lost my dear ally, Star Paladin Cross. Your sacrifice was not in vain!

Once again, the add-on is totally worth the 10 bucks, and didn't make me feel like crap like the Pitt did. However, now I'm sad because I've basically done everything in the game, I think. The only real option at this point is to start over and be totally evil...but I have trouble with that, it just seems...well, mean I guess. But ah well, maybe I'll just be a jerk, maybe it'll grow on me...

Also, for those that play Broken Steel, keep your eyes peeled when you're in the Enclave base, there's Alien Blaster ammo strewn about certain locations...


Fallout's thrown some bizarre stuff my way but nothing can top this fella...

Seriously, it's a talking tree. And he was kinda funny too, kept referring to some person inside of him as "Herbert" and laughing because the guy's name was actually Bob or something. I asked him why he thought this was funny but his explanation was basically like "Because his name is Bob and I think it's funny to call him Herbert"....alright, weird.

To add to it all, the tree-person is surrounded by a cult of weird hippy people named after trees who all worship him as a god AND he totally asked me to kill him...which I didn't do. I ended up actually making him spread his oasis-ness even further around, hopefully that'll help the Wastes! Anyway,

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Pitt Made Me a Bad Person

I just finished the quests set forth in the Pitt, the most morally ambiguous Fallout add-on by far. I went to the Pitt as "The Last, Best Hope of Humanity" and returned as a "Shepard", still in the "Very Good" range but significantly lower. I also came back addicted to Jet and Beer (ha), and personally did not feel very good about the things I had done.

I stole a baby, killed its parents, killed a buncha slaves in a "Thunderdome" style death-match and watched bizarre trog mutants tear people apart time and time again.

I've never had a gaming experience where I came away from it actually feeling kinda fucked up about the things I had done. I was really trying to do the right thing too!!

Towards the end, I found myself walking around the Pitt, finding and killing the people who were involved in allowing the slaves to remain enslaved, and losing karma again and again.
But, morals aside, the add-on was damn fun, featured a badass motorized axe weapon, totally awesome scoped assault rifle, and some pretty sweet scenes and enemies.

Once again, definitely worth the 10 bucks...I dunno if it was worth the emotional strain, though.
This last image is, in a nutshell, what it's like to go to the Pitt...


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Operation Anchorage Impressions and Punishment for Star Paladin Cross

So after installing Broken Steel which ups the level cap to 30, I preceded to begin playing Operation Anchorage (soon to be followed by the Pitt, then Broken Steel itself) and it's pretty awesome. It presents a different experience than the main storyline or even side quests in that it is a simulation and your character is left without any of the items, armor, and weapons that you may have acquired throughout the game.

I've played my current file for about 65 hours so it was quite a shock not having my trusty Plasma Rifle etc. However, it's still damn fun. The add-on puts more emphasis on sneaking around and features some cool enemies (one of whom looks spot-on like the Ninja from Metal Gear Solid) and some great scenery. I think I would have benefited from a bit more Sneak points but it's easy enough to blast away with the Sniper Rifle. I have yet to beat the final quest in Operation Anchorage but so far, it's been worth the 10 bucks they charge.

On another note, Star Cross Paladin (one of my allies) was being naughty, so I put her in the corner...

Bad Paladin...bad...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Broken Steel!

Just felt the need to post that I'm downloading it as I type this up, so I probably won't be seen for the next 6-8 weeks. I'm quite the giddy schoolgirl right now.

Lolo likes it her own quiet-sleeping sort of way.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Alien Blaster and Wall-Bear

I found this awesome Alien Blaster today upon the mention of its existence by a friend of mine and it's totally the shit!
I found it lying next to this poor fella.

The gun only has 120 shots but it basically turns everything it touches into dust, which is...well, it's awesome.

Also, while shooting up some slavers at Paradise Falls with my rocket launcher I found this funny little guy stuck in the wall. I had to videotape this one to capture the weirdness/creepiness.

I'm sorry teddy. I'm sorry for leaving you like haunts me whenever I sleep.

...And I know I already posted about it today but 4 days 'til Broken Steel!!

Best Movie Ever?

I think I'm in love.

Broken Steel in a Mere 4 Days!

Or so they say. I'm ready; I've been dying to play Operation Anchorage and the Pitt for a while now, but I just couldn't justify it without a raised level cap. However, according to Bethesda's Fallout 3 webpage(scroll to the bottom), Fallout 3's Broken Steel DLC will be released on May 5! I still think it's too far off and I am having a hard time waiting that long...but I guess I'll have to cope.

Anyway, the add-on will raise the level cap to 30, supposedly change the outcome of the main plot-line, and will feature some new weapons and enemies, like the Heavy Incinerator and Super Mutant Overlord. All in all I guess it's worth the wait... strap on that Enclave Power Armor and get your Fat Man ready, wastelanders. It looks to be a good fight.