Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RIP Beatz's XBox

Yes, this is gonna be the last video-game related post for a while I guess, as my XBox has passed on...
I was one of many recipients of the dreaded E 74 error message accompanied by one red ring in the lower right hand corner around the power button. While Microsoft does fix this for free (shipping and all) it's still gonna take about 2-3 weeks, which is about all the time I have until I leave the country and head for Korea (at which time I'll probably start a new blog dedicated to that).
So, it's been fun, but for the time being this blog is probably gonna be out of commission...*Single tear*

Friday, July 17, 2009

My New Toy Collection Looks to be Better

Here's just what I've picked up so far with my new good character, Leda. Instead of organizing it, I decided just to chuck it all into one great big ol' pile.

And I've expanded my inventory, adding Garden Gnomes and Pool Balls. It looks to be quite the collection when it's done...maybe I'll expand my inventory even further!

Point Lookout Was Sweet

Who doesn't like killing irradiated-inbred-hillbillies? I, for one, thoroughly enjoy it (apparently). I guess that's what made Point Lookout a really interesting, fun and-while rather short in my opinion-totally creepy and enjoyable Fallout DLC.

It featured some really tough enemies in the form of (as mentioned above) irradiated -inbred-hillbillies as well as some interesting new scenery, much different than the Wasteland. So far, while the Pitt remains my favorite add-on, Point Lookout takes a close second.

You start off by getting on a boat called the Duchess Gambit, run by Tobar the Ferryman, pictured above. The boat takes you to Point Lookout, Maryland, which, like many other places you've visited, is ravaged by the post nuclear fallout of the war of 2077.

The scenery right off the boat looked something like a warn-down Coney in the 80s, only instead of being followed around by junkies you get followed around by gun-toting crazy hillbillies and wild dogs. All in all, the experience isn't that different.

The quests themselves are fun, centering around a feud between two people who seem to tool you around in order to dig at each other. Don't worry, you get your chance shall I put this...settle their beef with each other, and your beef with them if you so choose.

The scenery as you venture further into point lookout is pretty sweet. Most of it being supremely misty swampland with scattered houses and other busted up remnants of the past. There's also an abundance of creepy-ass little dolls hanging around.

The quest takes you deep into the forest at one point and has some truly bizarre occurrences which I won't give away because I'm not a total dick. I'm only kinda a dick. Also, just as an aside, here's a pic of my character donning the two first items I found: a confederate cap and a double barreled shotgun.

Anyway, the DLC once again was totally worth the 10 bucks I paid and I'd say it's one of my favorites so far.

It's got everything you'd want out of a trip to post-apocalyptic Marlyand: Inbred-irradiated-hillbillies shooting at you, bizarre scenery and occurrences, a couple sweet old-school guns (lever-action rifle and double barreled shotgun) and one cool new one which I won't give away...

...and best of all, it's even got some lobotomy thrown in! I won't say where or who is/are the recipient(s). That's only in the main quest, there's also a few fun tidbits which I'll leave you to find for yourself.

I'd definitely travel there again. Assuming Tobar would let me...

......sorry for the spoiler but c'mon, you coulda figured that one out.

Fallout 3 Toy Collection

I know it's been a while since I've posted but the fact that is that it's the summertime and I've been swamped with relaxing activities such as sitting, drinking, and um....yeah, I know there's'll come to me later.
So this is my first post in 3 weeks and guess what it's about! That's right, Fallout 3! Yeah, I haven't switched titles for like a's cool though, what a great game. Anyway, here's some toys I collected during the travels of my super evil character, "Klytemnestra".

Toy car collection. After I came home from killing innocents I'd drive them around my house going "vroom vroom" and then crashing them all like "pkkrrraaaaa-boooooooooom".

Teddy Bear collection. I would have slept on this if the game allowed me to. I think it should give you an extra well-rested-teddy-bear bonus.

Some Nuka-Cola trucks. Occasionally, these would also crash into my toy cars.

And with John Henry Eden constantly talking about baseball, how could I not collect baseballs and gloves? Basketballs were just a hoop, you know?