Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Innards of My Computer

I decided to open up my computer in order to clean out the dust that had inevitably clogged it up over the course of the last 7 years and what I found was pretty amazing.

A ton of dust, first of all.

I feel like I should have found some rat shit or something.

And then the strangest discovery...

Yeah, a penny. Don't ask me how that got in there. I can understand stuff like that getting into a keyboard or something, but I don't understand how it snuck into my computer.
Best part of all of this is that the computer actually turned on after I put it back together!


I got my very own Fallout 3 dog, Dogmeat!

I found him in a junkyard and after a brief conversation about the mutual loss of our respective parents, we agreed to travel together.

Dogmeat has been a great help to me, growling when there are enemies nearby, and fetching me valuables from their corpses after he chews them to death...

However, I'm kinda scared to have him around because when he dies he can't be brought back. So, I'm constantly saving the game in order to assure that Dogmeat is alive and well at any given moment. It's very stressful.

Also, I've capped out at level 20 again and have to wait until April 15 to download the newest upgrade (Broken Steel) which raises the cap to 30. I believe Bethesda planned this crap because the experience bar shows the option of level 21, it just doesn't move towards it....bastards....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Delicious Sandwich

It was delicious, I used three meats: ham, turkey and salami. I also put mustard and mayo on it, and also tomatoes and lettuce and red onion.

I had briefly considered putting pickles on it but decided that might compromise the structural integrity of the sandwich and opted to not include them.

I drank water and Orangina while I was eating it, too.

And then it was gone, leaving only these scattered remnants as a crude showcase of its short but amazing life.

It was delicious.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Super Mutant Pile Up!

I dunno why people in the wasteland are so afraid of them, really. They pile up like stormtroopers coming through a blast door.

If I recall correctly that's a pile of 5, with one in the background, and there's 3-4 more waiting in that compound that were too eager to get blasted by any variety of weapons in my arsenal, ha!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Ate Breakfast at 4PM

Here's how it went down.

You know what I'm sayin'? Never too late for breakfast. And yes, I broke the yolks, fuck off, it wasn't on purpose.

Friday, March 6, 2009

More New BMWBeatz!

That's right, there's a new track up on Myspace right now called "Nereus"! Listen up, you may just enjoy its piano-ridden tones and compressionized rhythms.

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