Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lolo does not want

I was gonna post something but then this happened...

Hm...guess I don't get to type right now.

I gots the Xbox Live

I suppose that's all for this ID is BMWBeatz and I'm currently downloading some maps and anything else that's free, yay! Props to mah cuz Tess for helpin' out with the wiring situation. Also, for taking that wonderful picture below (not the pumpkin, the one of me)! And, thanks to my "friend" (ha! He's not reading this anyway) Sean for funding my online endeavors...I promise I'll buy Halo, Sean...and then school you. Think Live will run on a DSL connection without being so painfully slow that it's...well, painful? Tune in to find out. Or, you know what, don't. Didn't want you reading this anyway so FINE! Ahem.

To conclude, here's a picture of a pumpkin I made last Halloween. I used an electric drill, it was fun. I post this picture only because it is entirely relevant to everything that has been said on this blog.

Look at that, it's amazing!!

Lost Odyssey is Hard to Read

So I played Lost Odyssey again last night for the first time on my non-HD TV and it's making me sad. That's right, Brendan is a sad panda. I thought my eyes were just groggy and blurred from wearing contacts for too long but it turns out Lost Odyssey is one of those games that essentially requires an HDTV. After squinting and sitting closer to the TV for a few hours I began to get frustrated and started to weigh my options. I'm on disc 4 so there's about 10 hours of play time left in the game and this means I could easily finish it without too much trouble if I just got used to not being able to read everything. My other option would be to wait twenty five thousand years until I can afford an HDTV and then finish the game, but that option seems to suck. Actually, both options seem to suck. Damn Xbox is a fucking money pit. So my advice to anyone who is considering buying Lost Odyssey without an HD situation of some sort, just wait, it'll be better. Playing the first 3 discs on HD was amazing and the game is totally the shit. However, as you might expect with an expansive RPG, it wants to look pretty and without some High Definition pixels or whatever to feed on, it does not look pretty and it feels sad. It hurts the games self esteem, alright? Be a little fuckin' sensitive, christ... Also, since when is "ethernet" not a word, huh google!? That's a bad spellcheck, bad!

Look how happy I look while wiring up the Xbox! That was before the ceiling collapsed. After pictures are far too embarrassing and interesting to post on this blog.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Watch this...

I'm not sure if it's possible to like, "over-post", but I figure I'm gonna get lazy again soon and not post for a while so today will be jam-packed with delicious morsels!

Here are some friends, one of whom is featured in another post below, havin' a little tussle. I call this, "Jasper Pounces on Monty for Whatever Reason". Wow, pretty touching stuff.

First Assy Post!

Alright! So, since I decided to include Assy in this blog, I figured I'd better write something about what's goin down with him these days. Apparently, it's hard to find advertisers willing to place ads during a show that features a talking ass who fights crime. This makes me think that the world is too simple minded and needs to embrace Assy and his breathy and muffled voice. You wanna know why? Because, in Assy's own words, "(insert appropriate Assy quote here)" Hm. Anyway, seems like new episodes will air Sunday nights in early April on Cartoon Network. Hope you're all as excited as I am. Ha, I wrote as if someone was actually reading this.

I'm bored, thus we post lolcats. Jasper is undetectable, Lolo is sad.

Ethernet Cables are F-in Expensive...or are they?

So I just got back from Radioshack and I am now in possession of a wonderful 100 foot ethernet cable and a "coupler" in case I need to connect even more wire. I'm so glad I have drop ceilings for once. Yay for me. Anyway, that shit was expensive, like 90 bucks, is that too much? Maybe that's normal but damn, that sucks man. I'm in debt, send me moneys.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"After playing about 20 hours of Lost Odyssey I can give more of a comprehensive opinion than just stating that it makes me wet myself, which is true. The game is awesome, until the most recent areas in the game (black cave, old sorceresses mansion), I haven't been bombarded with random battles and it's been rather nice. To be able to walk through an area where you are supposed to explore each little crevice in order to ensure you do not miss any items (like my main characters ONLY new weapon as of yet) and not have to stop every 6 steps to fight 6-8 of the same creatures you've fought 20 times in the last 10 minutes is...well, quite nice."

So, alright, that was an entry that I began writing a few weeks ago or something and I haven't posted since then. I read that and I was like, damn that is fucking boring. Like wow, who wants to read that? However, I will continue to say that after reading that piece of crap entry above, I still agree with what's in it, I just wish it was more interesting. But it's not, so you know what, deal with it...Anyhow, Lost Odyssey is the bomb and I'm on disk 3 but I've stopped playing for the time being. I need that week that exists out of time (no responsibility, no one else around, lots of, ahem, "goodies") so that I can re-immerse myself into the game. For the time being it's all Halflife 2, which is the booooomb! Except for the complete lack of direction in many areas. Hey, why don't we leave you in the middle of a field with a buncha barrels and boxes and you can just wander about aimlessly chucking them around with your grav-gun until something lands on the right spot and opens a door which is a 3 minute walk backwards......that make any sense? (The sentence itself is so badly constructed I'm not sure if it's even readable). Anyway, I'm on my way to Radio Shack so that I can buy myself an ethernet cable long enough to reach from my room all the way to my 360 so that my friend will buy me a year of XBox Live, then I'll have so much more useless crap that I can buy with just the push of a button!

Finally, on another note, keep checkin my (and delicious) BMWBeatz are in production.....