Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Seriously, Right onto Your Head

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Some New-Old Fuzziness

Although they've appeared once before, it's been a while since we've seen the DC kittehs Charlie, Eva and Lydia.
I went to DC just to be in town during the inauguration and to see my buddy and I realized that I came back with pictures of cats...and only cats. It was a very patriotic trip.

Lydia lying on top of the radiator, essentially. I was kinda wishing I could have done the same because it was cooooold.

Charlie posing on top of the knick-knack cabinet, much to his owner's dismay.

Charlie lookin' up, showin off his stache.

Charlie's many many toes. He's genetically advanced.

Charlie sleepin' up high on some cabinets. As you may have noticed Charlie is the least camera-shy of the group of kitties.

Lydia, my favorite, sittin' looking plump.

That's my "Eva-scarf" made of one Eva.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lolo Chased Her Tail!

Ohhh snap! And I caught it on video!

I know it's a bit hard to see, but I assure you she's chasing her tail, and even catches it at one point.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cat Pics and One That's Not a Cat

Felt like we needed some new kitty pics, so here you go. One isn't of a kitty but it was totally worth'll see...


Is there trouble? Over there?

Monty says no to flash photography.

Caught, paw in mouth: one Monty.

Up-close and personal.

Kitty duplex.

Indecent Lolo.

I found this while looking for jobs, it was an ad or something on the side of the site. Seemed out of place somehow, maybe on an adult-friend-finder site or something but on a site about teaching?

Lolo trying to decide if the box is worthy.

She eventually decided that it wasnt'. Too small perhaps?

A cat who shall remain nameless. Let it be known that he is royalty, though.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Impressions of The Last Remnant

I've been playing the Last Remnant and so far it's pretty sweet. I did have to install the game onto my Xbox to get rid of choppiness during the battles, though. But, whatever, that ain't no big deal. The voice acting beats the crap out of Infinite Undiscovery and the battles are more to my liking, there's an example included later in this post. But first, here's a few screenshots to give you an impression of the graphics and characters, etc.

Protagonist standing in one of the earlier game environments.

Bizarrely dressed king David, one of your homies. That's you on the right...or half of you.

Super fruity bad guy who keeps covering his face with a fan.

A bit of in-game commentary from this random girl on the king's clothing.

That looks to be one of the main baddies, giving us all a valuable lesson about women.

I haven't played much so I can't really go too deep into the details of the battle system, but basically you fight in groups of 4-5, giving each group a command like "attack with combat arts" or "keep your hp up" and the group acts accordingly. The battles consist of many encounters between groups of enemies and your "troops" or "divisions", this allows for different modes of attacking like flank attacks, or interference, where your men get in the way of an oncoming enemy group. You'll notice in the video when 2 groups approach each other it says "Deadlock", meaning that these 2 groups will fight until one has been terminated, or until one breaks the deadlock which has adverse effects on their damage, stats, etc. I don't know if any of that made any sense...I'm not even sure it makes sense when you're playing it, but it's turn-based and fun. Here's a video of a rather long battle, I think it's around 3 minutes. It showcases the basics of the battle system. See if you can keep up with the chaos...

No, there isn't supposed to be sound, can't figure that out on my digital camera, and yes, I did videotape myself playing video games.

More on this later.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Radiskull and Devil Doll

I was looking through some old pictures on my computer in order to delete the loads and loads of crap that I've inevitably amassed by having the same computer for 7 years and I came across a picture of Radiskull and Devil Doll! I totally forgot about them. Oh, you don't know about them? Or you do and you want to re-live the amazing experience it was to watch Radiskull #1? Well, you're in luck...

Radiskull and Devil Doll!